I am drawn to dioramas because they embody my personal confusion with human nature. I see within these constructed environments the human conflict of being both a part of nature, and apart from nature.  I believe this conflict; a lack of understanding of where we fit into nature (and thus, the world) is at the heart of our obsession with “otherness”.

It is strange the way we present nature back to ourselves. The details and curation of these environments imply “real” and creates intimacy.  Glass, reflections and artificial lights impose distance and “unreality”. By combining these elements and stepping into close proximity, abstracting and isolating these elements, I want to draw attention to our habitual defining of “the other”.

In Animus, the theater of dioramas suggest an echo to the way we, as societies and individuals, distance ourselves from one another.  Like the dioramas we are erecting walls around ourselves, real and imagined.